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What we love becomes what we want to protect after we’re gone. Our services are designed to make planning and maintaining your estate efficient and easy. To help you decide what might be best for you, click the link below and take the first step towards protecting what matters most. 

It was obvious, even from the initial introduction that RobRoy was a kind and sensitive individual who truly did care and that helping people with their legal issues is not just a job--it is a core value he feels passionately about.  Our experience with Platt Law was far beyond our expectations – every single thing was exceptional. ~ Hal and Jeanne Hodges, Highland

“RobRoy is knowledgeable and pleasant. His understanding of tax law and asset protection risk strategy was very beneficial as we worked with him in creating our estate plan. RobRoy has a great attitude and is easy to work with. We will recommend him to others.” ~ Steve and Natalie Morton, Alpine

My experience with Platt Law was night and day when compared to my previous experience with other attorneys. My family and I were impressed with RobRoy’s clarity and knowledge of estate planning as he guided me through my financial and legal concerns. His cheerful personality put me at ease and made what could have been a very frightening experience a very pleasant one.   ~ Beth Boyer, Lehi

RobRoy is wonderful to work with and very personable. I felt RobRoy was concerned about me and wanted to help me do everything correctly. With his help, I was able to accomplish what I needed to and I know that my future -- and the future of my loved ones -- is safe. ~ Carol Bird, Cedar Valley

Platt Law handled our estate plan in a personal, thoughtful, and patient manner which allowed us to share very tender and personal stories and feelings during our Priceless Conversation as we talked about the legacy of values and love which we hope to safely pass on to our children. We feel lucky to have found a law office that we can trust. ~ Bryan and Lori Zitzman, Lehi

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