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Important Medicare Information and How to Find It

On Monday, I participated in a training on the Social Security and Medicare programs hosted by the Mountainland Aging and Family Services department in Utah County. It is important for me in my profession to keep abreast of the rapid changes taking place with regard to Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and other government programs that provide such important benefits to the aging population.

On an almost daily basis I run across misinformed statements about these programs and have to help my clients understand what the law really says they are entitled to. However, I have also learned that there are significant efforts being made by both the federal government, and local governments, to provide accurate information about these programs. I wanted to make you aware of at least two of these excellent resources for getting your questions answered on what can, at times, seem to be overwhelmingly complex topics.

Will Provo Seniors Benefit From Proposed "two-kitchen" Ordinance?

The Salt Lake Tribune recently reported on a proposed Provo ordinance that would make it easier for individuals over the age of 65 to add a second kitchen to their residence for an unrelated renter.  The idea behind the ordinance is to help seniors who want to stay in their homes do so more easily by renting out part of the house for additional rental income, or by providing an apartment for an unrelated live-in caregiver. 

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