Veteran’s Day Helps Us Remember

This week, my eight year old boy came home from school telling me all kinds of things that he had learned in school about the first two World Wars. With his eyes wide, he said that one of his friends had a grandpa who had been in WWII. It dawned on me that he didn’t realize that he too came from a family with a history of service in the military.

I had the opportunity to go grab a copy of one of my history books about World War II and together with my boys and my wife we spent a good deal of time talking about my grandpa, his service in the Army in Europe during WWII and about the incredible sacrifices made by so many for the freedom of not only our own countrymen, but of people throughout the world. It was a proud moment for me to be able to share with my children how their great-grandfather put everything on the line to defend innocent people and put down evil men. I saw the admiration and pride in their eyes and was grateful that we celebrate Veteran’s Day for that reason.

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Blog post by Melissa Platt, Esq.

On a return trip from St. George last month, I was forcefully reminded how life can change in the blink of an eye. We were traveling northbound on I-15, just south of Cedar City. The boys were totally absorbed in a He-Man cartoon, Audrey was sleeping peacefully, and RobRoy and I were talking about the Utah State Bar Spring Convention, where RobRoy had given a presentation earlier in the day.

When RobRoy suddenly gasped, “Oh, no!” I looked up to see a cloud of dust and a white minivan in the air above the two-lane interstate. The minivan landed into on-coming traffic about

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