Kids Protection Plan

A Mother’s Love

If a theme is to be found from my many interviews with clients over the years, it’s that parents love their children and will do anything for them.  Over and over, when I work through the estate planning process with my clients, I find that the guiding principle motivating parents in their planning is the happiness and well being of their children.  Parents will frequently state to me that they are willing to do anything for the success and happiness of their children. 


This sentiment was proven again in a dramatic fashion recently.  You’ve likely heard by now about the amazing story of the mother in Louisville, KY who protected her children from almost certain death when a tornado with 175 mph winds ripped their brand new brick home to shreds.  If you’ve not seen the inspiring newsreport yet, it’s well worth watching.

Kids Protection Planning

Blog post by Melissa Platt, Esq.

On a return trip from St. George last month, I was forcefully reminded how life can change in the blink of an eye. We were traveling northbound on I-15, just south of Cedar City. The boys were totally absorbed in a He-Man cartoon, Audrey was sleeping peacefully, and RobRoy and I were talking about the Utah State Bar Spring Convention, where RobRoy had given a presentation earlier in the day.

When RobRoy suddenly gasped, “Oh, no!” I looked up to see a cloud of dust and a white minivan in the air above the two-lane interstate. The minivan landed into on-coming traffic about

CNBC Interview with Fellow Personal Family Lawyer, Alexis Neely

Fellow Personal Family Lawyer, Alexis Martin Neely was recently interviewed on CNBC's "On The Money" program on the essentials of estate planning.  Her advice here is solid.


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