Living Will

Advance Health Care Directives

What is a Will Vs. a Living Will?

Wills vs Living Wills

Have you ever been confused by the term Living Will?  Is that the same thing as a Will?  How do I make sure my property goes to my heirs or devisees when I die?  Is that what a Will does?  Or how do I make sure people don't keep me alive when I'd rather be allowed to pass away peacefully? What do we call these legal documents under Utah Law?  

Understanding Life Sustaining Measures

Advance Health Care DirectivesYou have decided to follow your Physician’s advice and complete your Health Care Directive thus providing a clear understanding of your wishes as they relate to life sustaining measures. You understand the significance of having a Health Care Directive, but as you research the process you are confronted with a lack of understanding regarding what life sustaining measures encompass.

New "Utah Advance Health Care Directives"

In January of 2008, a new law in Utah entitled the "Advance Health Care Directive Act" ("UAHCDA") replaced the somewhat less useful "Personal Choice and Living Will Act."  The purposes of both of these acts was to make it easier for individuals to control the decision-making process related to their health care if they ever became unable to make such decisions for themselves d

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