Utah Seniors Will Likely Live Longer Than Most

A recent article in the Deseret News reported that, according to the social networking for Boomers website Eons.com, Utah baby boomers will live an average of 91.62 years.  A study conducted by Dr. Thomas Perls, a Boston University doctor and researcher in the area of aging, was compiled from 650,000 members of the Eons.com web community using a "longevity calculator" available on the site.  Deseret News reported that one of the reasons for the unusually high longevity predictions of Utah's Boomers was the high number of LDS Church members here in Utah and the typically healthy lifestyles they lead when holding to particular tenets of their faith. 

As always with these types of studies, there are criticisms of the methodologies used and the conclusions drawn.  However, regardless of the criticisms of this study and others like it, it appears to me that there is an emerging trend of greater longevity in our population.  Whether such longevity is a result of people pursuing healthier lifestyles, greater access to medical care or just something in the air, seniors are increasingly living longer.  And if there is any truth to this new report, seniors in Utah should consider very carefully what steps they are taking to ensure that they are prepared for their retirement years.  Whether planning for the future includes the purchase of long-term care insurance policies, saving a little extra each month or managing your investments differently, there are things that can be done today to better prepare for tomorrow. 


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