Kids Protection Planning

Blog post by Melissa Platt, Esq.

On a return trip from St. George last month, I was forcefully reminded how life can change in the blink of an eye. We were traveling northbound on I-15, just south of Cedar City. The boys were totally absorbed in a He-Man cartoon, Audrey was sleeping peacefully, and RobRoy and I were talking about the Utah State Bar Spring Convention, where RobRoy had given a presentation earlier in the day.

When RobRoy suddenly gasped, “Oh, no!” I looked up to see a cloud of dust and a white minivan in the air above the two-lane interstate. The minivan landed into on-coming traffic about

100 yards ahead of us and was hit by a pick-up truck pulling a trailer. With shaking hands, I dialed 911. After the operator assured me that help was on its way, my thoughts turned to the dozens of seemingly insignificant decisions we had made that morning that had made just seconds the difference between my loved ones being safe and being involved in a potentially life-altering accident.

As we drove away, my departing thoughts were for the family in the minivan. My heart ached for their loved ones, and I hoped that they had taken the steps necessary to make the difficult decisions their loved ones would now face a little easier. Unfortunately, if those parents were like 76% of parents in America, they had not appointed even a long-term guardian for their children.

It’s curious. We plan for trips to the store, spend hours preparing for a child’s birthday party (I know, I did one just last week), and even prepare for things that will likely never happen, like an earthquake or a fire. But we fail to prepare for the one thing we know is going to happen to all of us: our eventual death.

Our failure to plan is probably the result of a combination of things—we’re busy, we don’t think we’re going to die anytime soon, and some part of us is scared. I cried when we discussed who to name as guardians of our children—I always want to be here for them. But the thought of what might happen if you do not plan is even scarier. No matter if you have $5 or $500,000 in the bank, everyone needs to appoint a long-term guardian for their minor children.

If you know you need to do this, but have been putting it off because of lack of know-how or money or opportunity, attend one of our  Kids Protection Plan Workshops. In approximately one hour, you will appoint a long-term guardian for your minor children for free and learn how to avoid the 6 common mistakes parents (and their attorneys) make when naming guardians. For more information on how to register for this Workshop, see our events page.


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